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for Cert. of Sexuality & Religion Department




GENDER/SEX/SEXUALITY AS HISTORIES AND THEOLOGIES OF POWER The understandings and embodiments of gender, sex and sexuality have long and complex histories. Constructions related to these categories often foreground what is considered ^normal^ in any given time period or place. In this course, we will interrogate some of these complexities and constructs and invite ourselves into deeper exploration of how power is at play in them and what they might reveal to us about God and ourselves. Through critical and creative engagement with stories and texts giving voice to the beautiful diversity existing within creation, we will center marginalized perspectives in developing our understanding. Whose voices are generally present? Whose are absent? What has changed over time? What has not? Who decides? How might ancient understandings vary from our own? Where is God in all of it? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, what is the good news for the diverse communities we are called to serve?