Course Information

for Field Education Department




DISCERNING APPROPRIATE PASTORAL BOUNDARIES WORKSHOP Prerequisite for any field placement in any degree program including Teaching Parish and Internship. Time and date TBD.



Ministry to persons in pastoral care setting, participation in weekly individual and group reflection upon that ministry with supervisor, study of theoretical material from theology, the behavioral sciences, and pastoral care. Integrates theological understanding and knowledge of behavioral science into pastoral functioning. Taken at a CPE site approved by the ACPE (or other accrediting organization determined by Director of Community Engaged Learning as accepted by employers and/or denominations.) Program conducted under the supervision of an ACPE accredited supervisor. Student must submit CPE program acceptance letter in order to register. Supervisor reports progress to Field Education faculty as requested and submits final evaluation to be placed in the student's permanent file for grade. Student must complete one CPE unit in one semester or two consecutive semesters in order to receive 6 units of academic credit. Student can take CPE for 0 units of academic credit in order to have completion of CPE appear on their transcript. Course is available for 0-6 units. [Auditors excluded; faculty permission required] If CPE is taken to meet M. Div. program FE requirement, it can only be taken P/F and must be taken during consecutive Fall & Spring semesters. Otherwise, can be taken for letter grade or P/F.



Advanced work in Field Education. Pass/Fail only. Prerequisites: FE 1005 and FE 1006. To enroll, students must have made arrangements for an approved field education placement with the Director of Community Engaged Learning. Students will meet with faculty 1-2x per month for 1.5-2hours, schedule determined by faculty and number of students in cohort. [FE 1005, FE 1006; Faculty Permission required; Auditors excluded]



Second year of supervised ministry in approved placements and weekly class sessions on campus. Format: Seminar. Assignments: weekly reflection paper, approved learning covenant, end of term evaluations. Pass/Fail only. Students must have an approved field placement. [Interview required; PIN code required; Auditors with Faculty permission]



Fieldwork is an opportunity to put into action the theory learned in the classroom. Working in a congregation gives the student a chance to develop their unique pastoral voice while navigating complexities of a congregation’s history, culture, systems and ethos. Fieldwork placements may include: teaching a religious education class for children or adults, working with a youth group, serving on a pastoral care team, and more. All congregational field work students meet monthly by Zoom to discuss learning goals and monthly learning themes with the professor. The professor's final evaluations of work is determined by monthly Zoom participation and the student's final assessment of their work. This course is for M.Div. students and may fulfill UU ministry requirements. Depending on the focus of the field work project, it can relate to the following Starr King Threshold Areas: Life in Religious Community and Interfaith Engagement, Prophetic Witness and Work, Spiritual Practice and Care for the Soul, Educating for Wholeness and Liberation, and Embodied Wisdom and Beauty. Requires approval from faculty advisor. Course is available for 1-4 units. [Faculty consent required; Auditors excluded]