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This course will familiarize students to diverse theologies and understandings of preaching so that they will come to understand preaching in their local contexts. Discussions will focus on biblical exegesis, interpretation, sermon form, orality, the person of the preacher, sermon delivery, issues of authority and the ethics of preaching. Weekly assigned readings. Students will preach two sermons in class which will be evaluated by professor and students.



Students will work in small groups to explore, through various exercises and through preaching, the many issues related to sermon development and delivery. Must be taken in conjunction with HM 2244. [Intro to Old or New Testament/Biblical Studies]



This intermediate lecture/discussion course will equip students with the theories and practical skills of biblical interpretation and sermon design in many settings of prophetic ministries in the 21st century postcolonial societies. Each student will prepare and preach two sermons in class, one on a given text and the other on a student's chosen text of his or her interest, and write a 10-15 page paper. [Basic preaching or IDS 2260; 12 max enrollment]



This lecture/seminar course will equip students with skills, theories, and new perspectives in preaching in a multicultural urban ministry context. Students will preach one sermon in class and make preparation of another. The class includes attending two preaching events in Korean- American and African-American churches. Evaluation will be based on sermons, book reviews, and reflection paper. GTU students should register for 3 units, and special ABSW DMin students should register for 4 units. [Basic preaching or Middler Colloquium] Class meets SUN-TH, 1/18/09-1/22/09, SU from 9:30am-6:00pm & M-TH from 9:00am-5:00pm at ABSW.



This course uses lecture/discussion to explore strategies regarding sermon content, design, and delivery. Each student prepares sermons and preaches them in class. Evaluation is based on written assignments, sermon preparation, and sermon delivery. Required for PLTS MDiv students prior to internship. [12 max enrollment]



PREACHING WOMEN: EXAMINING THE (HER)STORY AND ROLE OF WOMEN PREACHERS AND ENHANCING THEIR CRAFT This course will challenge the patriarchy of the pulpit and celebrate the preaching women who have contributed to building and sustaining churches and faith communities since the beginning of Christianity. The course will acknowledge the ways women have found to preach subversively in many unwelcoming environments and will encourage women to explore other possibilities beyond traditional methods, settings and definitions of preaching. We will explore crafting sermons to address current social issues and populations that have been marginalized by church and society, along with preaching that speaks to more traditional congregations. The course will include methods of sermon preparation, delivery and lab experience where preaching will be shared with members of the class and during worship times. NOTE: For registration & summer session policies, see Class meets daily, 8/4/14-8/8/14, from 9:00am-1:00pm at MUDD 102 and PSR Chapel. [15 max enrollment; Auditors excluded]



Preaching Liberation will explore the theory and hermeneutics that informs liberation theology with particular interest towards preaching. The course is designed to develop a process for preaching with emphasis on liberation theology for the novice or seasoned preacher. Students will have an opportunity to preach in class. The methodology for sermon construction will include 'listening' or perceiving liberation in diverse cultural context through a critical examination of four movies, ^In Time^, ^La Mission^, ^Rain^ and ^The Encounter^. The premise of the course is that as we listen for liberation in sacred text and the lived experience we learn the language of liberation and can therefore preach it with authenticity and transformative power. Class meets daily, 7/20/15 -7/24/15, from 9:00am-1:00pm, in MUDD 103.



This is an advanced hybrid course in thematic preaching intended for students with preaching experience who seek to further develop their own unique preaching presence and voice. Topics will focus on thematic development, use of poetic voice, effective sermon construction, pulpit presence, and preaching through the liturgical year. This course utilizes a high level of peer collaboration and review. All religious traditions are welcome. Some of our students (a maximum of four) will be joining us from offsite. If you plan to take this course as a low resident student, you need to have access to video recording equipment (the quality from a laptop is sufficient) in order to present your sermons. [Faculty Consent required; 15 max enrollment]



Through readings, seminar discussion, preparation and preaching of sermons, oral and written sermon responses, students will investigate and present homiletical possibilities for and challenges of preaching on public issues. Students will preach four sermons focusing on a variety of issues; e.g., food ethics, economic justice, natural disaster. Throughout the semester, students will intentionally engage the task of keeping the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other. [12 max enrollment; Auditors excluded]



Course is for students wanting to equip themselves to address the critical issues of our time. It will focus on the prophetic sermon within liberal religious contexts. The content of student sermons will concentrate on our current global unraveling/revolution. Realistic assessment of the cascading crises and active hope grounded in sustaining and resilient theology-cosmology will be our guiding ethos. Readings on the multiple dimensions of global unraveling/revolution, as well on preaching as will form the textual base of study. [10 max enrollment; PIN code required; Auditors excluded]



An advanced preaching course on the challenges and opportunities offered by lectionary readings from John's Gospel and the Johannine epistles and Revelation. Students will preach three times and give and receive feedback. Readings on interpretation of Johannine texts. Workshop format. Evaluation based on preaching and papers. Intended for MDivs. [NT, including Johannine texts; introductory preaching course; 12 max enrollment; PIN code required; auditors excluded]



THIS COURSE IS OFFERED IN KOREAN This advanced theory/practicum course explores ways to renew preaching in Korean churches. Students will not only be asked to name and wrestle with theological and practical challenges in their own preaching in the postmodern Korean culture; they will be asked to see if they could find helpful insights from a variety of homiletical theories and hermeneutical tools that have been discussed in North America in the past three decades. Students will be required to preach two sermons in class. There will be four book reviews and one final paper of 20 pages.



For the first generations of Christian community, much of Scripture was shared, lived in the performance (recitation and storytelling) or sung. How did performing the Word shape the proclamation, and people's hearing and interpretation of it? From an intuition that we find new life and fresh, personal interpretation when we tell and enact the stories, Donald Schell, for the past thirty years, has been making strategies for inviting congregations, multi-generational gatherings, children and youth, and retreat participants into improvisatory performance of scripture texts. In this class Donald will share clear, practical methods he's developed for reading a text and finding a structure and direction for leading a community's improvisation of it. As we progress through the course, class participants will apply these methods and others of their own devising to guide us in Bible improvisations they create.



A practicum class in the art of preaching. Students will learn how to compose and present their own original stories and dramatic pieces and wil also learn how to incorporate this material into their sermons. [15 max enrollment; PIN required; Auditors excluded]